Excellence in Sales Leadership™ (ESL) March 30-31, 2020 | Norfolk, VA – Carew International


This Excellence in Sales Leadership™ (ESL) workshop is a 1.5 day workshop designed to equip sales managers with proven tools and methods for maximizing the potential of every person on their team. Participants learn how to motivate their team, create an environment for success, get the most out of individual and team temperaments and talent, manage performance and foster professional development among their staff.

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The Impact
Benefits include:

  • Increase sales, profitability and market share
  • Boost productivity and performance across the entire sales team
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of sales management team
  • Increase satisfaction, motivation among sales team members
  • Reduced costly turnover in the sales organization
  • Create an environment to maximize and sustain sales success
  • A common management methodology and structured developmental process
  • Improve the overall professionalism of the sales management team

Every ESL participant leaves with proven tools and strategies, including:

  • Ability to inspire maximum performance
  • Proven method to assess performance levels, remove barriers and prescribe solutions
  • Defined problem-solving model
  • Structured framework for understanding, motivating sales team members
  • Strength Deployment Inventory tool for managing conflict and improving relationships.
  • Skills and insight to provide prescriptive and actionable feedback to sales team
  • Improved talent assessment and hiring insight and abilities
  • Relationship-building skills that cultivate productive, long-term relationships with employees

Carew’s dynamic and interactive classroom experience features:

  • 1.5 day workshop
  • Varied curricula that includes experiential case studies, role plays, situational discussions and lectures
  • Visual models to reinforce key concepts
  • High-energy pace and variety ensure engagement

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