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Encourage Flexible Work Environments

April 1, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Leadership Development

Developing a stronger sales team allows companies to grow at their own steady pace, and sales training can help people discover their own powerful leadership and communication skills. But not every person works the same way or enjoys the same setting as everyone else. Companies that want their sales department to prosper need to understand the importance of offering an atmosphere where their valued employees thrive according to their own personality. Some people work better on their own while others are more productive and happy when working in a group setting.

Equipping employees with the environment and knowledge to improve themselves and grow the customer base means offering options and having workplace flexibility. Different techniques work for every business, but it all comes down to how the staff responds to training. The Harvard Business Review says it might be a good idea to offer a “cave” setting versus a “commons.” The former allows workers to take on their day in a private office or space, while the latter is a setting designed to encourage team collaboration. A good balance of both is ideal, yet is subject to the type of work each company deals with. Some sales professionals may find one more effective than the other for their needs, yet will benefit from both quiet periods and team time.

In addition to workspaces, personal management skills need to be addressed. Salespeople handle a large load of clients, daily communication and various other roles and responsibilities. They need to be able to manage their time and focus their attention to have a productive day. Entrepreneur says scheduling a day’s tasks will take practice but will help when dealing with customers and planning a hectic schedule. Spend time alone for parts of the day, but also make time to socialize and interact with people outside of the office. A well-balanced professional lifestyle will lead salespeople to success.

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