Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) & Trainer Certification Workshop (TCW) June 23-29, 2020 | Cincinnati, Ohio- Carew International



Carew International offers proven sales development programs that will drive dramatic sales growth. But you need to act now. Upcoming open enrollment sessions provide the perfect opportunity to jump-start your sales team’s triumph. For more information or to register, contact us at 513.621.0229 or info@carew.com.

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DPS – Dimensions of Professional Selling

Dimensions of Professional Selling is a 2.5 day workshop designed to dramatically improve the planning, communication, selling skills and confidence needed to improve closing rates and strengthen existing business relationships. DPS is the industry standard for developing exceptional sales skills, and Carew’s most popular sales development program.
Ideal for all sales professionals and sales managers. DPS also provides the best foundation for more targeted sales development programs, such as Advanced Positional Selling (APS).

TCW – Trainer Certification Workshop

Trainer Certification Workshop allows organizations to take true ownership of their sales development initiative. This 3.5 day “train-the-trainer” program is intense and comprehensive, providing your own sales and human resource leaders the skills, strategies and hands-on experience to become world-class DPS facilitators. TCW ensures you have the in-house expertise necessary to reinforce DPS for continued success.
For individuals who will train DPS within their own organization, this workshop immediately follows and requires completion of DPS sales training.

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For more than 40 years, Carew International has been a leading provider of sales training and professional development programs. Our training seminars provide a dynamic and interactive experience proven to change behavior. Today, the complete collection of Carew training programs is recognized internationally for excellence in sales, leadership, negotiations and customer service.

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