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Dimensions of Professional Selling® is our flagship sales training program. In DPS-V, participants experience the same content that is covered in our in-person DPS workshops – without the travel! Participants will engage in interactive activities, exercises and conversations with fellow participants and Carew’s world-renowned facilitators. An added value of our DPS-V workshops are on-the-job assignments between instructor-led sessions with personal coaching and feedback.

Our standardized Dimensions of Professional Selling Virtual (DPS-V) training program is a one-week virtual workshop on the Zoom platform. It consists of two, 2.5-hour (maximum) sessions per day, but can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs.

*Includes a training kit shipped directly to you

What Our Participants Are Saying About DPS-V

“I was extremely skeptical about this training being on video conference, but the Carew team did an awesome job… The way the training was structured, I felt like it actually ended up being more effective than a physical classroom setting could have been. The level of engagement, enthusiasm, and expertise of this Carew team was something I’ve never experienced before.”

“I was very anxious about online all-day training, but Carew did such an amazing job. There was interaction, engagement, live examples, practice time, and it felt more conversational than robotic. I very much enjoyed it. The facilitators did an amazing job!”

“I have done an extensive 2-month long training with a multi-billion-dollar pharma company in the past. Carew’s training blew it away by a long shot in just one week. Very, very, very well done. Definitely made me feel comfortable and welcomed every day throughout this training. Thank you again and VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

“What you all did, via online, is very difficult to accomplish but you all did very well! I’ve participated in many sales training programs similar to this, but yours surpassed them all.”

“I personally think this program will be a game-changer for myself in my current position and, if I do my part with practicing, I really feel this will help catapult my career in sales.”

“This training was fantastic. I was apprehensive going into it, thinking ‘how is this truly going to work on a virtual platform?’, but I enjoyed the layout and structure of it even more in this setting.”

“This was the best selling workshop that I have ever attended. The concept and structure of the program will completely change the way that I approach sales.”

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