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Dimensions of Professional Selling® –
Winning Sales Presentations
(Diamond Presentation Process™)

Closing the sale often comes down to the strength of your presentation skills. This module will arm participants with tools and insights for greater confidence and closing rates going into your next sales presentation! In this module you will:

  • Learn Carew’s Diamond Presentation Process™ for making high-impact proposal presentations that get results and close more sales.
  • Create an enthusiastic and receptive environment for your presentations, whether they are one-on-one or to a large group.
  • Understand why it is important to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB) and how to determine the most compelling components your customer solution.
  • Learn to engage your customers throughout the presentation and make them part of the solution.
  • Be able to assess your customer’s interest and buy-in, as well as handle objections and questions flawlessly on-the-fly.
  • Learn six different closing techniques and how to apply them for optimal results.
  • Never leave a sales call wondering what’s next.