Customized Training Programs


No two businesses are exactly alike. Each organization has its own reality – driven by the industry in which you operate, your competitive situation, products and services offered, go-to market strategies, and the culture of your management and organization. The combination of all these factors makes every company unique. So why should your sales training be anything less?

Every Carew workshop features customized training that directly addresses the business reality of each organization, and even each participant. Every client engagement includes members of our team meeting at length with key members of your organization to fully understand your business, identify your specific needs and challenges, and understand your goals. We research competition and understand the impact your value proposition has on your customers, and more importantly, their customers.

In addition to our comprehensive program offering to improve and support sales skills, leadership development and customer service skills, Carew will develop a customized curriculum to fit unique training needs.

Customized training can be developed to meet specific needs within your organization, or to address a unique situation in your industry.

Examples of customized training programs developed on behalf of our valued clients include:

  • Time and Territory Management

    Targets specific areas of sales effectiveness & efficiency

  • Proposal Selling

    Creating and delivering sales proposals that cut through the clutter

  • Writing to WOW

    Highly focused on effective sales communications

  • Presenting to WOW

    Mastering high impact and memorable presentation skills

Getting started is easy. Call a Carew sales training consultant at 800-227-3977 to identify and develop customized training designed specifically to meet the sales performance goals of your organization.

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