Consultative Selling the Common Goal at Recent Sales Training Event

July 6, 2011  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Carew International’s recent Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) open enrollment sales training program took place in beautiful Keystone, Colorado.  The location set the tone for the whole session – you just can’t beat the Rockies in June!

As many readers know, Carew specializes in customized sales training programs to support company-wide development initiatives.  Open enrollment programs like the recent event in Keystone allow individuals from a variety of industries and organizations to experience Carew’s sales training first hand.  Despite the diversity of individuals and their backgrounds at open enrollment programs, a common, predominant focus almost always emerges among attendees.  At this most recent session, the common goal was clear: to master a better, more consultative way to sell.  I believe the interests and concerns that participants bring to the program can serve as a barometer for current trends in the sales field.

This goal, in itself, guaranteed an outstanding session.  Participants came to the program already understanding and appreciating the changing role of today’s sales professional – always a great starting point.  More importantly, the DPS curriculum and methods were strategically designed to cultivate the sales skills needed for consultative selling.  Nothing is more rewarding for the Carew team than helping sales professionals become more successful by showing them a better way to sell.  This particular group was fully engaged, VERY participative, and clearly serious about learning new selling skills for higher performance sales.  Feedback from DPS participants and Carew training team members alike indicated the outcome was “Mission Accomplished!”

Highlights of the DPS program were captured by Carew team member Andy Sheeks, and posted to our Facebook page.  If you haven’t already visited our Facebook site, you can view comments from the program participants, as well as other exciting Carew news.

All in all, it was an exceptional three days that concluded with several participants staying on after the DPS class to become certified trainers for their companies.  If you are even CONSIDERING “sharpening your selling saw” in 2011 (and why wouldn’t you be?) be sure to visit our website for details on upcoming 2011 DPS Open Enrollment sales training programs.  We will return to beautiful Keystone in October.


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