Communications skills a must in modern business

October 31, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

The intensifying diversity of the global workforce has put strain on many companies, especially those that are operating in various regions. However, businesses that focus on the development of stronger and more relevant soft skills among new and long-tenured employees will often experience fewer challenges when it comes to communication and productivity.

Persistent need
The St. Louis Beacon recently reported that many healthcare providers in Missouri and Illinois are struggling to find talented potential employees who are also strong communicators. These same organizations have also cited the difficulty of training employees in soft skills, especially considering many of these characteristics are more innate and contingent upon learned behaviors, the source noted.

Regardless of how difficult developing soft skills might be, it is still a critical aspect of business operations. Companies will often have the most success when taking a well-informed and comprehensively planned approach to communication skills development, working to meet the needs of each employee on a case-by-case basis.

Simple steps for better communication
Business 2 Community recently suggested several ways in which employees can become stronger communicators, asserting that focus and note-taking are critical when collaborating with colleagues or clients. For example, the news provider stated that the ability to multi-task is highly desirable, but does not have a place in general communications.

Instead, employees should know to focus on one matter at a time when communicating with one another, as well as external parties. This will minimize the risk of being unclear or impatient, which will generally lead to stronger interpersonal relationships and engagement.

Additionally, the source explained that employees should be taught to take notes when in meetings as a way to ensure that no components of the conversation slip through the cracks.

Finally, Business 2 Community noted that employees should always be confident and deliberate when responding to co-workers or clients, and that staff members need to listen to or read the whole message before formulating a reply.

Advantages of strong soft skills
Some experts have asserted that soft skills, especially those related to general communication, have fallen out of the purview of many leaders, and that this poses a direct threat to operational integrity. Companies need to consider offering employees communication skills training to ensure that operations are consistently running at optimal levels.

Focusing on the development of soft skills alongside technical training will lead to a more unified and collaborative working environment for employees.

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