Sales Myths

Targeted Strategies Critical for Leadership in Sales Success

December 12, 2013  |  Published by in Sales Myths

As baby boomers begin to retire and younger generations step into managerial roles at many enterprises in North America and abroad, experts have asserted that sales training programs and leadership development have become far more critical in the modern landscape.

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Get All You Want…

February 4, 2013  |  Published by in Sales Myths, Sales Training

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig […]

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Sales Myth of the Month: Only Money Motivates Sales Professionals

October 24, 2011  |  Published by in Sales Myths

Sales leaders typically compensate sales professionals with commissions alone or with commissions combined with a base salary. Unfortunately, in some […]

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Sales Myth of the Month: Great Sellers Are Always “High Energy”

September 6, 2011  |  Published by in Sales Myths

There is a common myth in sales that suggests if you are going to succeed in selling you have to […]

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Sales Myth #2 – Happy Customers are Good; Unhappy Customers are Bad

July 18, 2011  |  Published by in Sales Myths

We all love positive feedback.  No wonder we prefer to spend more time with clients who make us feel good […]

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Sales Training Myth #1: Effective Selling is as Easy as A-B-C

June 20, 2011  |  Published by in Sales Myths

In the 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, Alex Baldwin plays a character named “Blake” who is a motivational sales person […]

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