Customer Service

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Carew DPS Presentation Diamond

Timing is everything. In sales, waiting until price discussions to articulate the Features, Advantages and Benefits of your Solution will […]

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Add Hours to Your Day

It’s a universal struggle… finding enough time in your 24-hour day to get it all done! We haven’t yet discovered […]

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Make It Easy to Buy From You

January 15, 2015  |  Published by in Customer Service, Professional Development, Sales Excellence

Life has become so complicated… continually changing at lightning speed, like a runaway train. What an incredible opportunity for sales […]

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Transparency Drives Excellence

November 11, 2014  |  Published by in Communication Skills, Customer Service, Sales Excellence

Did you know that food gets better when the chef can see the people who will consume it? And food […]

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5 Things That Drive Away Customers

“How often do you drive customers away without even realizing it?” That’s the question posed by Bill Murphy Jr. in […]

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Reinforcement Critical in Customer Service Training

April 15, 2014  |  Published by in Customer Service

Many companies are beginning to recognize how important professional development is to long-term success in the sales and customer service departments, which is certainly a strong trend.

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Build Charisma With Customer Service Training

April 7, 2014  |  Published by in Customer Service

One of the more fundamental aspects of successful client relationship management is the rapport representatives build with customers, and this demands a strong combination of know-how and charisma.

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Customer Service Training Components for Long-Term Success

March 11, 2014  |  Published by in Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive market landscape, businesses that provide the most exceptional client service will often stand to enjoy the highest level of revenues and profitability.

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Financial, Operational Advantages of Stronger Customer Service Training Programs

February 20, 2014  |  Published by in Customer Service

When it comes to employee performance, businesses most often get what they give.

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Do Your Customers Know You Love Them?

Who doesn’t love the romantic gestures and grandiose displays of affection that abound on Valentine’s Day? Any relationship specialist will […]

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