Can My Daughter’s Dance Move Transform Your Sales Success?
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Last week, in my meeting with our CEO, Jeff Seeley, I couldn’t help but gush about my four-year-old daughter Josie’s first dance recital. Her whole class was adorable, performing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, but Josie stole my heart with her sheer joy and confidence.

At one point, the dancers had to go through a tunnel and meet their partners on the other side. As Josie emerged, she paused and struck an adorable little pose – arms raised, a huge smile on her face (peek the photo below). They even awarded her “Best Spirit.”

As a proud mama, I was beaming, but Jeff, the leader he is, saw something deeper. He connected Josie’s triumphant pose to the power of body language and its impact on confidence and success – a topic he’s written about in the past.

Suddenly, my daughter’s dance move wasn’t just cute; it was a reminder of a powerful tool we can all leverage, not just on stage but in the boardroom, during sales calls, and in every aspect of our professional (and even personal) lives.

Josie reminded me that by channeling our “best spirit,” we can unlock greater confidence, influence, and success.

The victory pose is a nonverbal expression of achievement and power. It involves standing tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, chest lifted, and arms raised in a V-shape above your head. It’s a posture often seen in athletes celebrating a win, but its benefits extend far beyond the sports field.

The “victory pose,” also known as a power pose, is a simple yet powerful tool that can help professionals boost confidence, reduce stress, and even improve their workplace performance.

Research suggests that power poses like the victory pose can influence our hormone levels, increasing testosterone (associated with confidence) and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone).

This hormonal shift can lead to:

  • Increased Confidence: Adopting a power pose can trick your brain into feeling more confident, even if you’re nervous or unsure.
  • Reduced Stress: Lower cortisol levels can help you stay calm and focused under pressure.
  • Improved Performance: The boost in confidence can lead to better performance in interviews, presentations, negotiations, and other high-stakes situations.
  • Enhanced Presence: Standing tall and open can make you appear more powerful and authoritative to others.

  • Before Important Events: Strike a victory pose in private for 2 minutes before a big meeting, presentation, or interview.
  • Throughout the Day: Incorporate power poses into your daily routine, like standing tall during phone calls or stretching your arms overhead while working.
  • In Social Settings: Use open body language and maintain good posture to project confidence and approachability.

Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk: “Your body language may shape who you are,” has over 71 million views and is an excellent introduction to the concept of power posing.

  • Practice in Private: It might feel a bit silly at first, but practicing in private will help you get comfortable with the pose.
  • Visualize Success: As you hold the pose, visualize yourself achieving your goals.
  • Combine with Positive Self-Talk: Use affirmations to reinforce your confidence.

The victory pose isn’t a magic bullet but a simple tool that can help you tap into your inner power and project confidence to the world and even improve your sales success. Give it a try!

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