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The loss of just one top-performing sales associate can cost an organization $1 million or more in lost opportunities, time/resources needed to fill an open position and ramp up time for new sales professionals. The loss of a key sales leader can disrupt and negatively impact many on your sales team, with an even greater impact. These high stakes underscore the need for immediate and ongoing access to top sales talent, and Carew International is proud to offer exceptional sales talent acquisition services to our valued customers.

ProActivate® is a global company specializing in the acquisition and placement of top sales and sales leadership professionals. The company partners with forward-thinking sales leaders to protect and propel your revenue by providing organizations with superior sales talent when you need to:

Replace top sales performers. ProActivate provides a funnel of sales talent so leaders are prepared if top performers leave the organization.

Improve per capita performance. Replace “C” players with “A” players to facilitate revenue and profit growth.

Expand your winning sales team. ProActivate provides access to a large pool of top sales talent to support sales team expansion and growth.

ProActivate utilizes an advanced in-depth sales behavioral qualification process and simulation evaluation to match your company’s critical performance characteristics to working and winning sales talent. Their unique model is the next generation of sales talent acquisition and NOT structured like traditional recruiting! Simply stated, ProActivate hires the best sales people to drive your revenue quickly and cost effectively.

The core mission of Carew International is to act as a strategic asset to our valued customers via profit growth and performance improvement, and we are pleased to offer the very best sales talent acquisition services available.

We also offer sales talent assessment and performance management tools powered by Chally®, which have proven to be exceptionally beneficial in improving productivity, reducing turnover, developing leadership and creating effective, useful and reliable succession planning.

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