Boost Your Team’s Motivation This Summer

May 21, 2020  |  Posted by in Leadership Development, Sales Training

This time of the year is usually a celebratory one. Schools are out, graduation ceremonies are happening, vacations are being planned, and the unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day – is right around the corner. As a leader, the high-spiritedness your team is usually experiencing in their personal lives this time of the year transfers over to their professional world. The atmosphere at work becomes characterized by the same excitement and renewed energy –which often results in a boost in your team’s motivation and productivity.

This year, however, looks a little different. Graduation ceremonies aren’t happening, people are questioning whether vacations should be planned, and the large parties and cookouts with which we are used to celebrating the unofficial start to summer won’t look the same. With the lingering uncertainty about what summer will look like, what can you do as a leader to make this time of the year feel the same as it usually does for your team? Here are some tips:

  1. Celebrate Success. Your team has likely been working in overdrive for the last several months. Their jobs are different than they used to be, and they’ve had to cross numerous hurdles just to make sense of all the change. To celebrate their hard work, create some fun awards and have a virtual ceremony to recognize the specific contributions each individual on your team has made. Even better, you can ship an award plaque or certificate to their home!
  2. Team Building Activities. You may not be able to get your team together for the annual Memorial Day picnic you always host in your workplace’s parking lot to kick off the holiday weekend, but you can figure out a way to do it virtually! Have a “picnic themed” Zoom call and get your team together to kick-back, relax and celebrate summer. There are also other options for team building activities, like games, virtual escape rooms and scavenger hunts.
  3. Training Workshops. Another great way to heighten your team’s spirit and boost motivation and productivity is training workshops. No matter what kind of team you lead, from sales or customer service to talent acquisition, there are training programs to help your team further develop the skills that will help them be successful. Virtual training programs are a great option to train your team and create a sense of togetherness even if you can’t be in the same physical location.

Even though this year doesn’t look the same as years past, follow the tips above to bring a sense of renewed energy and spirit to your team, and help boost their motivation and productivity going into the summer months.

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