The Bionic Sales Rep

June 18, 2012  |  Posted by in Uncategorized
I’m sure there are many folks out there who remember Colonel Steve Austin from the 70’s TV hit The Six Million Dollar Man. The premise was that scientists replaced most of his limbs and an eye with high tech bionic parts to build the ultimate hero. The fact that it only cost six million dollars to “build” him puts the age of the show into perspective!The Six Million Dollar ManWhat if we could borrow the Bionic Man process and build the ultimate sales rep? What bionic parts would we want to outfit him or her with to ensure the ultimate SALES hero?

  1. Bionic Ears- Super hearing would definitely be the first priority. Times have changed and so have selling techniques. Now achieving “business consultant” status is largely dependent upon asking the best questions, and leveraging that insight for the maximum value to customers. Fortunately, listening patiently and actively to our customers doesn’t require super powers!
  2. Bionic Hands- Selling in 2012 is not just about who asks the best questions but also about who has the best customer data. CRM is an integral part of a successful sales team and the Bionic Hands would mean supersonic typing skills to capture every relevant piece of data on prospects, customers, companies and industries. Knowledge is power but it doesn’t help anyone if it isn’t captured and utilized.
  3. Bionic Skin- Bionic Skin would make our super sales reps impervious to rejection. Everything negative in the world of selling would bounce off them like bullets off of Superman. Fully resistant to negativity and inevitable setbacks, our Bionic Rep would close more deals and have more fun doing it.

We can’t bring the world of The Six Million Dollar Man to selling, but if you think about it, we really don’t need to.  You don’t need bionic parts for heroic questioning and listening skills. You don’t need an implant to become more aware and skilled at capturing insightful data about your customers. You certainly don’t require an armored epidural coating to stay positive and not let negative thoughts or minor setbacks get you down. All you need is the right mindset, the right communication skills, the right sales process, and yes, the right sales training.  Who needs Steve Austin when you have Dimensions of Professional Selling?

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