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Better Leaders Hold Compelling Meetings

July 26, 2013  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

The most effective leaders are ones who are able to communicate well with their colleagues and clients. Therefore, leaders should focus on having productive business meetings as a primary way to drive results. Given the proper leadership development training, individuals will become equipped with the tools they need to make these collaborative opportunities successful, maximizing the firm’s potential for growth.

Business 2 Community recently recommended that leaders adhere to several best practices when conducting meetings, including straying away from boring methods of getting their points across. The source noted that telling compelling stories has a significant impact on the likelihood that employees or clients will remember what is said during these business gatherings. It’s always critical not just to speak to a given audience, but to ensure the messages they receive stick.

Additionally, the news provider advised that persuasive business leaders are able to prioritize clarity. Especially in the initial few meetings, experts run the risk of overwhelming listeners with too much information. Instead of barraging others with details, it is a better plan to provide information at a slower pace while ensuring that participants are developing the knowledge they need for the decision-making process. To this end, it is also important that facilitators make sure all business meetings involve true conversation: Clients should be having a two-way dialogue with the presenter, as this will help them develop a clear visualization of how a company’s products and services fit into their enterprises.

Say it right
Business News Daily reported that according to a recent study by Cynthia Rudin – a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management – and MIT student Been Kim, leaders may be able to have more effective business meetings by being sure to choose the correct words. Rudin and Kim’s research revealed that the employees who ended up with the most accepted proposals in meetings used the words “yeah,” “give,” “start,” “meeting” and “discuss” during their interactions. The source explained that the impact of many of these words may be linked to how they are used in contexts that politely yet firmly move conversations forward, as well as provide others with positive affirmation.

Communication plays a significant role in business success, and this means that professionals should take advantage of opportunities to hone their abilities. Leadership development training can be one way for upper-level managers to improve their interpersonal skills, while sales training is also critical for all other employees who find themselves in client-facing situations.

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