Axonify Sales Training Reinforcement


At Carew, we are dedicated to creating lasting sales performance improvement on your team. Your sales professionals leave Carew training workshops with changed selling behaviors they can immediately begin to practice in the field.

But we don’t stop there.

To help you continually reinforce these new selling behaviors on your team, we have partnered with renowned microlearning platform, Axonify.

We are proud to be the only sales training company in the industry to have a partnership with Axonify.

Keep your sales reps returning for more skill reinforcement by tapping directly into their innate desires to self-challenge, meet goals and win!

With Axonify, you’ll have access to an organized content library composed of a variety of reinforcement materials and activities. We then help you reinforce your reps’ new selling behaviors by delivering this content to them through personalized, bite-sized bursts of information in a fun, fast, and engaging way.

Reinforcing your Carew selling skills with Axonify allows you to share pertinent information with your reps at the most relevant time, ask questions to make sure they understand, and assess their confidence in applying what they’ve learned.

Measure the Impact of Your Reinforcement Program

With real-time insights from your Axonify reinforcement program, you can identify gaps and growth opportunities to manage risk and focus your efforts where they’ll have the greatest influence. The built-in attribution tool, Axonify Impact™, allows you to harness the power of big data to show how the platform is driving the business metrics that are a priority for you.

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