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Why Are You Still Talking About That?

Sell Your Solution to the Problem, Not the Product

What Customers Really Want to Hear As sales professionals we sell products and services, sure, but we also sell ourselves […]

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9 Things That Turn Buyers Off

March 9, 2017  |  Published by in Sales Excellence, Sales Training
things that turn sales customers off

As sales professionals, we strive daily to deploy words and actions that will be most effective in building customer relationships, […]

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The Exploratory Process: Examples of Strong Focusing Questions

February 9, 2017  |  Published by in Communication Skills, Sales Excellence, Sales Training
Focusing questions for sales call

Each type of Exploratory question learned during Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS) sales training plays a role in establishing a […]

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The Price You Will Pay for Leading With Products/Solutions

January 19, 2017  |  Published by in Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Sales Excellence
Add value as a sales professional to cultivate a long-term customer relationship.

It is universally recognized that sales professionals should never enter a sales call spewing the features and advantages of their […]

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How Many Touches Does It Take to Win the Business in Professional Selling?

December 2, 2016  |  Published by in Prospecting, Sales Excellence
How Many Touches Does it Take to Win the Business?

Not Just Number of Touches, but Quality of Your Contact How many touches does it take to turn a prospect […]

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Tips for Writing a Better Proposal

October 27, 2016  |  Published by in Sales Excellence
Excellent Sales Proposal

In last week’s issue of MFTM, we identified The Most Common Sales Proposal Mistakes. This week we share tips for […]

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Do Your Customers Feel Better After Spending Time with You?

We often talk about the importance of building strong, long-term relationships with customers. One means of assessing the overall health […]

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Getting More Out of Networking Events for Sales Success

June 23, 2016  |  Published by in Sales Excellence
Sales professionals at a networking event

Do you find networking events to be painful and unproductive? That outlook may be a symptom of poor networking skills, […]

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Choose Your Words Carefully: 20 Commonly Confused & Misused Words That Can Hinder Your Sales Effectiveness

May 12, 2016  |  Published by in Communication Skills, Professional Development

Articulate language is essential for cultivating an image of professionalism and competence, and misusing words will undercut our efforts on […]

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Resist the Urge to Badmouth Competitors

Taking the High Road Offers Greater Rewards Who doesn’t feel a little surge of joy when we hear a customer […]

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