Tips for Better Networking

Effective networking is among the most important and beneficial endeavors for sales professionals, but for many of us it is […]

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Habits to Avoid in 2015

January 5, 2015  |  Published by in Professional Development

  The New Year is upon us!  In a recent issue of Message from the Mentor, we encouraged readers to […]

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Storytelling: Proof of Its Power

In the past, the Mentor has extolled the virtues of storytelling (Storytelling is a Powerful Sales Tool, MFTM, March 2014).  […]

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Top 10 Sales Frights… What Scares You?

It’s the season for thrills and chills, but in reality there are many things that haunt sales professionals throughout the […]

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Leadership Development Must Be Prioritized

April 25, 2014  |  Published by in Sales Training

Although all employees will need training to ensure optimal operational performances over time, managers, supervisors and executives should be the […]

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For Effective Presentations, Less is More!

November 13, 2012  |  Published by in Sales Training

When it is time to make your solution recommendation to your client, the Diamond Presentation model is a great way […]

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Would Your Customers Give You a Gold Medal?

August 13, 2012  |  Published by in Uncategorized

Concha Allen, PhD Jerry and Felicia Campbell Endowed Professor Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration Central Michigan University In […]

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The Great Facilitator

July 9, 2012  |  Published by in Sales Training

I recently attended Carew International’s Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) workshop. I had the pleasure of learning from John Evans, […]

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What Separates a Sales Manager from a Sales Leader

February 18, 2011  |  Published by in Leadership Development

You may be familiar with the saying, “Leaders do the right things and managers do things right.” These words imply […]

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