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In today’s fast-paced digital era, traditional sales methods are rapidly evolving, opening up new avenues for sales professionals to connect with their customers. Digital selling has transformed the sales landscape, providing unprecedented opportunities to engage, influence, and close deals like never before.

In this blog, we will explore the immense power of digital selling, offer effective strategies to help you thrive, share information on our favorite B2B digital selling solution – Smart Rooms, by our partner JourneyDXP, and give you an opportunity to experience a Smart Room for yourself!

According to research by Gartner, the biggest challenge sales professionals face is not selling, it’s the complexity of the buying process. You’re a sales pro, you navigate these complexities every day – multiple decision makers, long sales cycles, budgetary constraints, the competitive landscape, risk mitigation, changing priorities, and the list goes on.

The customer’s journey has shifted online, and buyers are increasingly seeking information, solutions, and recommendations in the digital realm. In fact, Gartner states that 92% of buyers prefer digital experiences to live meetings and self-education to simplify their buying process.

You should leverage digital selling to help you overcome the complexities of the buying process, increase engagement, build trust and relationships with your customers, and ultimately close deals. Here’s how we do it (and you can too!) with Smart Rooms:


What’s a Smart Room?

A Smart Room is a digital sales room that unites sellers and buyers in a personalized, collaborative workspace and aligns internal sales and marketing teams for complete account-based engagement.

At Carew, all of our training programs include access to personalized digital Smart Rooms. These Smart Rooms facilitate our holistic training experience and give participants hands-on experience with a digital selling tool that is essential to successfully navigate today’s sales process.

Here’s how utilizing a Smart Room as a digital selling tool and our training go hand-in-hand:


A Smart Room allows you to demonstrate a clear commitment to your customer’s Odds Are

  • Deliver a personalized and customized, customer-branded digital experience
  • Deliver and organize key content which speaks directly to your customer’s wants, needs, goals, and objectives
  • Create true alignment between you and your customer with critical information and tailored solutions easily accessible


A Smart Room helps you establish Preferred Position with your customer

  • Extend reach deeper into your customer’s organization by identifying ALL key decision makers and engaging with them at the same time, in the same way
  • Spark, enhance, and influence group communication
  • Create competitive advantage and displace your competition


A Smart Room adds another dimension to LAER: The Bonding Process®

  • Listen – Use Smart Room analytics to “listen” to your customer’s “digital body language”
  • Acknowledge – Message and communicate with your customer directly through the Smart Room
  • Explore – Ask relevant exploratory questions based on your customer’s activity in the Smart Room
  • Respond – Easily respond and provide additional content and timely follow-through with your customer


A Smart Room improves the presentation process and helps you move to solution selling

  • Create an enthusiastic and receptive environment for your presentations (whether 1:1 or group)
  • Capitalize on the power of virtual presentations and demos to showcase your products, solutions, or services effectively
  • Bring all decision makers into the discussion as “part of the solution”
  • Make the post-presentation consideration period more collaborative and inclusive


Digital selling has become a game-changer for sales professionals, unlocking boundless possibilities to connect, engage, and influence customers. By embracing the digital mindset and digital tools like Smart Rooms, you can amplify your sales success in the digital realm. Embrace the power of digital selling – we are!


We want to give you a chance to experience a Smart Room. Complete the form below, and we will give you access to a demo Smart Room or provide you with a 30-minute executive briefing on digital selling. 


About JourneyDXP:

JourneyDXP Smart Rooms is the #1 B2B digital sales solution, built fully native to Salesforce. Smart Rooms support the implementation of the core principles and methodologies of Carew training by enhancing customer insight and engagement in a way that helps organizations grow more profitable and stay competitive in dynamic industries.

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