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For more than 40 years, Carew International has been a leader in the training industry, providing innovative, high impact training and development programs to support excellence in sales, leadership and customer service. From the beginning, Carew leadership engaged the expertise of human resource and psychology professionals to develop unique, comprehensive and results-oriented development curriculum.

Our Mission

Create value, support dramatic bottom-line results and act as a strategic asset to our customers worldwide.

Today, Carew International enjoys an enviable position and reputation in the training industry. Our clients are among the most recognized and respected names in business. Although much has changed since Carew International’s inception, our mission remains the same: create value, support dramatic bottom-line results and act as a strategic asset to our customers worldwide.


A superior sales methodology requires superior delivery.

At Carew, we want every sales professional to experience the lasting sales performance improvement that results from strong customer relationships. We believe the only way to create lasting sales performance improvement is to change selling behaviors, not just train selling skills.

From our inception in 1976, we wanted to ensure our sales training would create transformative behavior change in participants. That’s why, from the beginning, we enlisted the expertise of training and adult learning professionals.


Carew’s Delivery Method

Our sales training programs are based on the renowned research of training and adult learning experts, John E. Jones and William Pfeiffer. Their research revealed that the key to promoting behavior change in adults is through experiential learning*. The elements of Carew’s sales training programs were designed by Jones and Pfeiffer to ensure more than just sales knowledge transfer, but actual behavior change on sales teams**.

Although alternative delivery methods may make it easier to “check the box” on sales training with ease of implementation and cost reduction (time out of the office, travel, etc.), our main focus isn’t to provide clients with training that simply “checks the box.” Rather, we are dedicated to changing behaviors for lasting performance improvement and helping our clients realize the greatest possible ROI on their training investment. As such, we remain committed to our experiential training delivery method through face-to-face training workshops and live, virtual instructor-led training workshops.


Carew’s Sales Methodology

Carew’s sales methodology is focused on increasing the level of engagement sales professionals have with their customers throughout the selling process. Addressing both the interpersonal and functional sides of selling, our methodology unlocks the tremendous potential that exists in every sales professional.

Jones and Peiffer placed our sales methodology in their research-backed framework designed to intentionally create “Aha” moments for those who learn it. Deliberately intended to be script-free, elegantly simplistic, and practical, our sales methodology utilizes adaptable process models to ensure sales professionals can easily understand and immediately apply what they learn to every sales scenario.

Together, our delivery method and sales methodology ensure your sales professionals leave training inspired, motivated and ready to return to the field not just with ideas of what they should be doing to improve their sales performance, but with changed selling behaviors they can immediately incorporate into their daily sales interactions.

When it comes to training your sales team, why would you invest in a training program that isn’t guaranteed to change the way your sales reps sell and produce the highest possible ROI on your training investment?

*Pfeiffer, J.W., The 1985 Annual: Developing Human Resources, University Associates, Inc.

**Jones, J.E. & Pfeiffer, J.W., The 1972 Annual Handbook for Group Facilitators, Pfeiffer & Company.


A Message from Our CEO


Jeff Seeley, Carew CEOI have been associated with Carew International for over twenty years – as a participant, customer, team member, board member, and now, as leader – and have lived the Carew experience and can attest to its role in my own professional development. While I have seen, first hand, the impact our programs have on the individuals and companies who invest in our legendary training, I am often asked what differentiates Carew from other corporate training providers. The answer is simple. Carew programs change the skills, attitude, and success of every person who participates.

I invite you to review our capabilities and specific program offerings and see how Carew will help you TAKE THE LEAD – in your job, your company, and your industry.

Thank you for your interest in Carew International,

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Jeff Seeley
Chief Executive Officer


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