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by | May 15, 2024 | Leader's Digest

Disengaged employees, a lack of confidence in the sales process itself, and ineffective leadership are a triple threat that is crippling sales teams.

The “7 Deadly Facts,” revealed through The Gallup Organization’s extensive research and Carew’s decades of experience working in leadership development, expose the alarming trends undermining sales performance. These insights, now woven into our newly revamped Excellence in Sales Leadership™ program, are a wake-up call for leaders ready to transform their teams.

#1 – The Disengagement Epidemic: A staggering 75% of the sales force is disengaged at work, leading to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

#2 – The Tenure Trap: The longer an employee stays at their job, the less engaged they may be.

#3 – The Skill Gap: 35% of salespeople don’t belong in sales.

#4 – The Bottom-Driven Illusion: Disengaged sales reps result in a bottom-driven organization. Top sales reps don’t need to be told how many sales calls to make to perform.

#5 – More Than Money: Sales training and compensation are not the critical levers of sales performance.

#6 – The Manager Exodus: 70% of employees who leave blame their manager.

#7 – The People Factor: Employees don’t work for companies; they work for people.

Acknowledging these challenges is just the first step. Transforming them into opportunities is where true leadership shines. That’s where Carew’s Excellence in Sales Leadership™ program comes in. We equip leaders with the strategies to combat disengagement, build trust, and foster a culture of high performance.

But you don’t have to wait to start making an impact. Here are actionable strategies inspired by top entrepreneurs that you can implement today:

Embody the Sales Professional You Want to See

It’s not just about hitting your own numbers – it’s about demonstrating the behaviors, mindset, and work ethic you expect from your team. Are you organized, persistent, and focused on building relationships? Your team will follow suit.

Be a Coach, Not Just a Boss

Top performers need support too. Shift from a command-and-control approach to one of coaching and mentorship. Ask questions that help them uncover solutions, provide resources, and celebrate their wins.

Recognize Effort and Results

A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Regularly acknowledge both individual and team accomplishments, both publicly and privately. Tie recognition to specific behaviors (i.e., “I really appreciate how you persisted with that tough client, John.”)

Strategic Communication, Not Constant Reaction

Don’t let email rule your day. Block off time for focused work, delegate when possible, and use tools to filter out distractions. Clear communication guidelines can help your team do the same.

Peak Performance Requires Fuel

Healthy bodies equal sharper minds. Encourage your team (and yourself!) to prioritize physical activity and mental breaks throughout the day.

Lead with Calm, Not Chaos

Stress is contagious, but so is composure. Model healthy stress-management techniques like mindfulness or brief breaks to reset. When you stay calm under pressure, your team will too. Our CEO, Jeff Seeley, recently wrote an article about how 10 minutes of meditation can transform your leadership – it’s worth a read and a try!

Carew’s Excellence in Sales Leadership™ program is being offered as a virtual Open Enrollment Workshop June 10-14, 2024.

More details on the workshop and how it can transform your leadership style and revolutionize your team’s performance can be found here.

At Carew, we truly believe that leadership sets the tone for your entire organization. Invest in yourself, empower your team, and unlock the true potential of your sales force. Remember, when it comes to driving sales success, a high-performing team is your greatest asset. While countless strategies exist (like those that I shared today), it often starts with you – the leader.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to build your training plan? Our team is here to help! Let’s Talk!

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