5 Year-End Sales Strategies to Help You Hit Your Goals
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It is easy for sales professionals to get caught short on their fourth quarter or yearly goals because we don’t realize how short the fourth quarter truly is. It’s Halloween weekend, which means a month of Q4 has come and gone, and there are only two months left in the year. But approaching year-end shouldn’t spook you. There’s a lot of business for sales professionals to get this time of year; you have to be ready for it and plan your year-end sales strategies.

Cast This Spell for Year-End Sales Success

Consider this your spell book for the end of the year. Cast this spell, and the magical powers of planning and determination will come over you, helping you reach your goals. Here are five year-end strategies to maximize your sales. Happy Halloween!

  1. First, recognize that companies have year-end money to spend – particularly big companies. Don’t hesitate to be upfront with customers and prospects. Consider asking, “What does your year-end budget look like so we can make this happen now?” You will create a sense of urgency this way as well. (But there’s certainly a fine line to walk, and it’s best not to be too pushy. If you hear “no,” accept it and pivot to “How can I help you prepare for 2023?” If you can’t build the business just yet, your focus should be on building the relationship.)
  2. Know your calendar. Get really familiar with it. When is the last day to get a new customer set up? When’s the last day for you to process or ship an order? Do you have team members taking extended time off for the holidays, and do you need to get items to them in advance? Write these dates down! And not only do you need to know your calendar and the important dates for your company, but you also need to understand your customers’ calendars. With only a couple of months left in 2022, now is the time to reach out to your customers. For example, start with, “I want to follow up and make sure we deliver you the best service possible as we come into the end of the year.” What days will your customers be open? What days will they be shipping/receiving/etc.? Do you do business internationally, and if so, do you know how your clients in other countries operate at year-end? Awareness of how your customers react to the last 6 or 8 weeks of the year is key to maximizing your sales.
  3. Leverage the relationships you have created within your current accounts. You may have five connections at an existing company or three contacts at a prospective organization close to closing. Harness these relationships. Touch base with them and ask if there have been any updates to the current issues they are experiencing and the Gaps they are looking to close. By reminding them of their current state, you may prompt them to follow up with their buying committee and move your opportunity forward.
  4. Look at past customers and opportunities you have lost. You spent a lot of time and effort getting previous customers onboard. You also spent a lot of time and effort working with prospective organizations that got this close to making a buying decision, but you ultimately lost the deal. You still developed relationships with people at these organizations. Check in with them to see how they’re doing and if they’re reaching their goals. Ask appropriate and valuable questions about their current state and ideal future state. Reaching out will be an extremely worthwhile effort.
  5. Keep it simple. Year-end is not the time to be overambitious or overcomplicated. If you are behind on your target, focus on the smaller deals instead of swinging for the fences and trying to close the large, complex ones. Focus the limited time you have left in the year on the business on which you can make headway. Unless you have a substantial deal already close to closing, don’t spend all your energy on elaborate business. Keeping it simple also means making it as easy for customers to buy from you as possible.

Don’t run from business this time of year. Be upfront with your customers, get familiar with your calendar, leverage current and past relationships, and keep things simple. These strategies will prepare you to maximize your year-end sales.

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