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5 Important Tips For Closing the Next Big Sale

April 4, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Training

Sales training is essential for professionals with all levels of experience, and learning to perfect every step of the selling process is imperative for company growth. Lead generation and developing relationships with qualified prospects is important, but there is a strong emphasis on how salespeople close a deal and actually turn a lead into a purchasing customer. Progressing a potential sale into a concrete deal is huge for businesses. Executives need to offer their teams the opportunity to better themselves through sales training programs to make more prospect meetings successful.

Getting into the mindset and understanding the weight of a new deal is a start to helping sales professionals deliver on a routine basis. But there are also communication strategies and more concentrated preparation techniques that will ensure new deals in the future. Face-to-face communication is an important part of reading a person and realizing how to interact with them. Setting up the situation in a way that allows the salesperson to best connect with the potential client is key. Here are five more tactics to landing the next big deal:

1. Clearly Define Goals for Every Meeting
Sales expert Geoffrey James writes for Inc. magazine that the objectives professionals lay out for themselves should be definitive, measurable and challenging, yet achievable. Being ambiguous doesn’t allow professionals to truly thrive because they don’t really know what they’re supposed to succeed at.

2. Listen Carefully to Feedback
One of the many benefits of face-to-face communication is the direct and indirect feedback salespeople can get. It’s important to listen to what the prospect is saying out loud, but also be aware of body language and judge whether or not the person is ready to make the move.

3. Be Self-Assured
A confident and reassuring salesperson will provide more comfort for potential buyers and can make them feel their investment is worthwhile. A person with a hesitant demeanor will be less effective in reassuring prospects.

4. Maintain Eye Contact
One of the most vital pieces of sales etiquette that sales training programs can offer is the importance of maintaining eye contact. This tells prospects that they are being heard, their time is valuable and that the person really cares for what they have to say, stated Entrepreneur.

5. Lead the Way
Always guide the potential client to the sale and don’t leave them to find their way or answer their own questions. Walk with them every step of the way and show them that this is the beginning of a prosperous relationship.

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