4 Keys to Building Momentum on Your Sales Team
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by | Jun 3, 2022 | Leader's Digest

Momentum is defined as the strength or force gained by motion or a series of events. It is a measurement of mass in motion. Sales momentum, therefore, is created because of one’s ability to maintain a certain velocity and consistency in sales efforts.

Momentum can be a sales leader’s best friend. If your team members are not improving, or you aren’t seeing any decent growth in their sales numbers, it’s possible the status quo (read: the enemy) is taking over. Leaders need momentum to bust through the status quo, consistently build on their team’s success, and lift their bottom line. Sales momentum can also help get new sales professionals off to a fast start.

How can leaders build and maintain sales momentum on their teams?

#1 Get Out of the Way; Let Them Fail

Leaders should not stand behind their reps, pushing them to do whatever they are told. They shouldn’t drag their team members from the front, either. It’s a leader’s job to stand side by side with each team member, guiding, leading, and showing. For instance, instead of questioning a team member, “Did you make your 50 calls?” or “Did you send your 50 emails?” ask, “How are your targets looking for the end of the month/quarter/etc.?” Sales professionals will fail occasionally, and it’s important to allow them to do so. Momentum builds when sales professionals see the positive results of their actions, not when they see results from something their manager told them to do.

#2 Create and Inspire Targets (Not Quotas) That Matter

Business professionals look so much at the macro level that we forget about all the little wins and efficiencies that make individuals feel confident, capable, and like they have momentum.

Set good targets with your reps. Targets should be realistic, short-term, and activity-related goals that help your team members ultimately hit their larger sales goals. Targets are more than simply closing deals every week, month, or quarter. Your sales professionals should have the ability to help set those targets, and they should be specific to each rep’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

Your team will struggle to find the motivation to work for you, make a lot of money, build momentum, and be successful if the quotas and goals you put on them do not match what they need. Connecting a rep’s targets to their individual aspirations will really build momentum.

#3 Keep Your Reps Focused on What They Have Impact On

Leaders who are great at creating momentum help their reps focus on the things they can have an impact on and guide them away from spending time and energy on things they can’t do anything about.

No matter how experienced a sales professional or leader might be in their field, there will be struggles and obstacles to overcome. There is no shame in failing; it’s human nature. Show your sales representatives this by not dwelling on things that are already over. Lead by example. Encourage them to dig deep into why something happened and learn from it so they can control similar situations in the future. Learning from experience is the way forward and helps to build momentum.

#4 Finally, Celebrate Wins

Leaders need to know who is generating the initiatives creating the most ‘wins’ for the organization. So, pay attention to the members of your team who are hitting their targets, no matter how small. Recognize those people individually, then celebrate as a team. Quick wins will lead to momentum in your organization, giving everyone a reason to believe in your organization and you as a leader.

Momentum can be a sales leader’s best friend. It helps get new reps off to a fast start, fires up more seasoned sales professionals, and builds energy for your team overall. Leaders should stand side by side with their team members and inspire them to create and choose targets that matter. Good targets will lead to quick wins, which will lead to momentum in your organization, and momentum gives your team a reason to believe in you as a leader.

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