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3 Ways to Customize a Sales Pitch

March 1, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

One of the most useful sales tactics is knowing how to make each potential client feel as though he or she is the center of attention. Professionals in a sales training program will learn the proper communication skills to make a sales call worthwhile, but oftentimes it can be hard to customize all communication. Tailoring sales communication tactics to a wide variety of business personalities involves a strong focus on the individual and his or her preferences.

There are many types of professionals in the corporate community, but it’s important that each has as positive an experience with the company as possible. Communicating how company products or services are best suited to solving each organization’s needs is the key to turning leads into customers. Reaching prospects on a personal level will not only result in sales, but build lasting relationships. Here are three tips to making each sales pitch special and customized for each client:

1. Be Intuitive About Buyer Behavior
There are four main types of thinkers, according to Inc. magazine. The categories include conceptual thinkers, analytical thinkers, structural thinkers and social thinkers. Understanding and pointing out which category best defines each client will help in building a strong sales approach.

There are a few factors that can identify the different types of prospects, such as clothing, office furniture and decorations or meeting conduct. Inc. gives the example of a meeting with a woman who offers glasses of water for everyone or wears trendy shoes, which are both signs of a social thinker. Different thinkers require different sales tactics.

2. Offer Expertise
Every sales call requires a lot of preparation time in which professionals can gather a significant amount of relevant data and materials for their potential client, says Entrepreneur magazine. This helpful information should strategically urge the prospect to go with the product or service provided, giving context and support for why the brand and its goods are the best. Not only will expertise in the client’s field show the business’s value, but it also makes salespeople a reputable resource for further information.

3. Display Confidence in the Call to Action 
A confident and savvy attitude puts people at ease. While having an outgoing and proactive personality isn’t necessarily customizing the call, it can make the prospect feel comfortable and secure during the process. This makes the experience meaningful and personally beneficial.

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