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3 tips to running a smooth sales team meeting

February 13, 2013  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

A good leader values communication and initiative within a sales team, meaning that regular meetings are necessary. Meetings can either be a waste of time or be productive, informative and propel the sales force into a successful quarter. However, it isn’t easy planning an effective meeting. The key is keeping employees engaged while plowing through large amounts of information. Proper sales training will develop managers with strong leadership and communication skills while preparing team members to utilize meetings as a tool for success.

Many companies struggle with finding time to hold meetings, because workers are very busy and many think advances in technology reduce the need for meetings. While some workers may not see the value in spending time together, there are many benefits to gathering sales team members and combining forces to grow the company. Here are three tips to making the most of a sales team meeting:

1. Keep it short
Sales teams could otherwise use time spent in meetings to contact leads and grow relationships with potential clients, therefore it’s best to make the meeting short and to the point. Keep material simple and relevant for attendees. Fox Small Business suggests coming with an agenda and not straying from outlined topics.

2. Don’t be repetitive
Try to stay away from repeating certain topics, and aim to introduce new and interesting ideas at each meeting. Nobody’s time will be wasted, and team members are able to learn something new and applicable to that week’s or month’s sales strategies.

3. Encourage interaction
While the leader should stand at the front and establish his or her role, meetings can be more productive and entertaining if more than one person talks. Have the time be personally beneficial for each person and keep attendees aware and entertained by engaging in discussion or asking questions.

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