3 Tips to Reduce Stress for Sales Performance Improvement

April 28, 2017  |  Posted by in Sales Motivation

And Improve Health, Productivity

The business world keeps spinning faster and faster, and feeling “stressed” has become the norm for many of us. Stress stems from a feeling of being overwhelmed – by either a lack of time to get everything done or a lack of skill/insight to do what is expected of us. The negative impact of stress on our health and happiness is well documented, but according to an article published by Farleigh Dickinson University, chronic stress also significantly reduces performance and productivity. For our personal and professional wellbeing as sales professionals, it behooves us to make stress reduction a priority. Consider these tips for reducing stress:


Consider the source. The first step in reducing stress is thoughtful examination of the situations, people and places that induce your stress. This process not only makes it easier to isolate and address stressors, it actually begins the process of stress reduction.


Who is in control? Once we have identified our stressors, we need to consider our degree of control over the situation and use this insight to guide our steps for resolution. For example, if my messy office is a source of stress, the resolution is within my control and it is a matter of my designating time for office cleaning/organizing.


Consider the stress that might stem from having the size of your territory expanded and feeling like you can’t get everything done, or assuming a new position for which you don’t possess all the necessary skills. These are stressors you will not likely eliminate on your own. In such cases, consider where or from whom you might get help or insights. Is additional training needed? Is your supervisor a resource? Keep in mind, managers will always be more willing to help solve problems if you have invested time and thought upfront in an earnest effort to start the process.


Claim time for yourself. Blocking off chunks of time to relax, enjoy and recharge your battery are not only very powerful in offsetting daily stress, but have been proven to increase productivity. Take several short breaks during the day to get up and move or do something you enjoy. You will return to work with renewed energy and a clearer head. Similarly, protecting your evenings and weekends bolsters your emotional wellbeing and the health of your personal relations, and leaves you energized and refreshed for the workday. On this front, it is important to model the behavior you want to see in customers and teammates. If you don’t want to respond to work emails at 9 pm, don’t initiate communication in this timeframe.


We will never completely eliminate or avoid stress; in fact, it is essential for creativity and peak performance. But the human body was meant to experience stress in short, intense periods and then return to a normal state. These tips will help reduce the kind of chronic stress that undermines our health, happiness and best sales performance.

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