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Going for Gold: Part 2 – More Lessons from Olympians


The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun! Last week we looked at four lessons to be learned from the athletes competing in Sochi. Here are three more Olympian habits that will create winning ways in our day-to-day sales life:

LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES:  How far could any athlete get by ignoring their mistakes? Quite the opposite, Olympians actively seek to expose weaknesses in their performance. They examine flaws closely to better understand how and why they happen.  Only then can they set out to eliminate them. Dwell on your mistakes only as part of a productive effort to correct them.

WARM UP BEFORE EVERY EVENT:  Be honest… how many times has your performance been compromised by a lack of preparation? This may be the single most common mistake in the sales profession – flying “by the seat of your pants” rather than delivering from a place of complete preparedness and confidence. Whether preparing for a meeting, presentation or sales call, be sure to define and allocate an appropriate amount time for a proper warm up – running through your materials, contemplating questions or objections, and rehearsing for both content and delivery. This kind of preparation builds confidence, improves your focus and alleviates stress – all of which will contribute to your optimal performance.

NEVER GIVE UP:  Perhaps the most admirable trait of Olympic athletes is their state of mind – that extraordinary tenacity and determination. Their focus remains on the successful outcome. They don’t let day-to-day failure derail their efforts. They are prepared to put forth whatever effort is necessary to succeed and, above all, they never give up. Who among us would not benefit from that attitude?

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