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Develop Your Communication Skills for Stronger Sales Proposals

August 27, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Training

Meeting customers to talk about products and services is one of the most important duties that sales professionals have to perform. If these employees don’t have effective strategies for marketing their company’s offerings to potential buyers, the firm’s results are likely to stall. For this reason, it’s critical that sales representatives are equipped with the proper sales training to ensure that when it’s their time to shine, they have what it takes to be successful.

Following a few simple tips, B2B sales staff can be well on their way toward closing more deals and building more productive relationships with customers.

Be exciting
According to Inc. Magazine, Oren Klaff, director of capital markets at Intersection Capital, advises that while it’s important to bring facts and figures to the table, data sets won’t have any impact if the overall presentation is boring for listeners. Potential clients may be interested in learning more about a new product or service, but they’re only human: If the presenter focuses too heavily on spouting numbers and not enough on creating an engaging experience, the audience will tune out. Taking a more interactive or storytelling-based approach can work wonders.

Portray value
Klaff also cautioned that sales professionals need to be careful not to come off as too desperate when they’re presenting their offerings. If they aim to be overly accom​modating, the prospective customer is likely to doubt the value of a company’s solutions. Klaff also pointed out that minding any time constraints set by listeners is critical. When sales representatives communicate that they understand how valuable their audience’s time is, they show high levels of professionalism, and this will earn respect.

Display interest
Flying Solo pointed out that when engaging in face-to-face sales meetings, it’s critical professionals don’t come off as disinterested. Rushing into selling products and services can make listeners feel like they’re just dollar signs, the source said, and this will make them less receptive to buying. To combat this problem, sales experts should take the time to learn more about the businesses to which they’re marketing their offerings. Not only will this make the audience feel more positively about their salesperson and his or her business, but it will also allow sellers to gather important insight that will help them tailor their selling techniques effectively.

When leaders deliver effective sales training programs to their employees, they maximize the likelihood of closing sales, especially when those programs focus on communication skills. If sales professionals know how to impress potential clients in person, they’ll be able to approach these meetings confidently and come out of them successful.

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