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Sell the Value of a Product

May 7, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Training

It may seem obvious and simple, but selling value over price is at the heart of every successful strategy. Sales professionals should tailor each pitch to the particular prospect or client, and every inside sales strategy should revolve around what that specific person needs or wants, so it’s important to determine the best value to highlight. Sales training programs help employees realize how to present a product or service in a way that will communicate its benefits and worth to clients.

Understand the Buyer’s Perspective
A Harvard Business Review post pointed out that whether an item is free or costs money, people are more likely to take it if it holds significant value. If a person is presented with two objects, one cheap and one more expensive option, he or she perceives the more expensive item as the better value because it holds more worth. Therefore, potential customers may not be interested in how much a product or service costs so much as they care about how they will reap the benefits of the goods they are purchasing. Asking the right questions and presenting correctly are critical to success.

A big part of offering the right value to clients is listening to what they have to say about their needs and wants and determining how they can benefit from the product or service being offered. says sales pitches are usually 40 percent talking and 60 percent listening, meaning it is a good idea to sit back and hear what prospects and customers say. Clients’ No. 1 concern is their own company and keeping its best interests at heart. Approach the meeting armed with a way to offer a deal that holds the most weight and makes sense from the client’s point of view.

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