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Look Beyond Traditional Leadership Development

May 10, 2013  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

Each workplace has a different culture, meaning every leader needs to have a qualified, yet unique skill set. The best part about each company having its own atmosphere is that it will produce something completely special and different than others in the industry. This does mean that leadership development should emphasize traditional skills but also allow individuals to determine and utilize their best qualities.

Harvard Business Review points out that there is more to a great leader than their interpersonal skills, and sometimes a strong emphasis on these abilities establishes unfair expectations. While some people may be more social or are better at interacting with others, it doesn’t mean they are more apt to guide them to success. The hyper-digital era gives workers many ways to communicate, lead and succeed in their office and with clients who don’t focus on interpersonal skills.

Companies should know which employees step up and offer new ideas, but they should also be aware of the types of work people do, how much they value the work and how qualified they are. HBR gives the example of a company’s employees responding to a crisis by automatically assuming specific roles without being asked to do so. There was no in-depth communication about how to handle the situation, but because the business attracted talent that would help it obtain its goals – not just talk about them – the company was able to avoid the crisis.

Forbes said the ability to make decisions and challenge others to think about their own performance is among the many characteristics a strong leader exhibits. In order to utilize these traits successfully, though, each person needs to develop his or her own skill set and adapt to the needs of the company.

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