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3 Tips to a Successful Client Meeting

May 1, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Sales training is a necessary part of preparing professionals to grow the company, and it’s important that they are fully prepared to meet with clients and prospects. Diving into a selling situation without any preparation or prior knowledge of the company, its products and services or representatives may not allow a business to reap as many benefits as it could.

Entrepreneur says one of the most important parts of maximizing sales is setting goals that will help the company grow by leaps and bounds. If professionals aren’t aware of these goals going into the meeting, they may not accomplish anything worthwhile. Here are three ways to prepare for client meetings:

1. Outline an Agenda
Inc. magazine says a good way to mentally prepare for an important meeting is to write down five to seven questions about the client’s needs to take notes on and discuss during the conversation.

2. Research
Always have as much knowledge on a subject as possible, whether it’s on the company or the client’s past transactions with the business.

3. Remember the Outcome
If a professional doesn’t plan accordingly and loses sight of the true purpose of the meeting, nothing will be accomplished. Never forget the end result and steer discussions toward the bigger picture, according to Entrepreneur.

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