Trainer Certification Workshop™ (TCW)

Dimensions of Professional Selling-Trainer Certification Workshop (DPS-TCW) is hailed as the world standard for delivering behavior-based, results-focused sales strategies, tactics, and techniques. The "train-the-trainer" program is intense and comprehensive. This workshop will give sales managers the skills and strategies they need to exceed both performance and retention objectives, thus providing a competitive edge in the marketplace. The DPS-TCW for Managers is comprised of three phases:

TCW Program Overview

Phase I - Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)

Your sales managers participate in the Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) program. If your sales managers have already participated the DPS program, an indepth review of the material along with an individual and team content assessment and review to ensure total understanding of the DPS program concepts, as well as applications becomes the starting point of the certification process.

Phase II - Training Technology

Your sales managers learn how to be effective, stand-up DPS facilitators. Some of the sales development activities include:

The Training Technology phase of the Trainer Certification Workshop provides your sales managers with the delivery mechanisms and methods for presenting the Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) program, or parts of the program in an engaging, results-focused, interactive experience.

Phase III - Skill Practice Training Technology

Your sales managers are provided with the opportunity to deliver key elements contained in each of the nine Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) program modules. Emphasis is placed on pre-delivery planning, preparation, and delivery style.

Planning for Future Programs - Strategies for the successful rollout of the DPS reinforcement strategy is discussed. Sales Managers are provided a thorough overview of the Management Component for reinforcement and are introduced to the Passive, Quick Hit, Group Concept, and One-on-One Coaching resources available to make the new behaviors learned in the workshop(s) part of the culture and daily vernacular.


Participation in the Dimensions of Professional Selling Trainer Certification Workshop for Managers is a highlight career path experience.

For many of the six thousand trainers worldwide who have graduated from this demanding, inspiring, and wisdom-filled experience, it has resulted in rapid ascension to top senior level positions in their respective organizations.

For others, it has resulted in sustained, optimal, personal performance. The dedication and hard work of the DPS trainers has resulted in helping other sales professionals create the magic that makes impossible-to-meet sales goals possible.

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