DPS Selling Skills Coaching

Selling Skills Coaching (SSC) is a workshop designed to help managers evolve to their next level of expertise by equipping them with proven tools and methodologies for maximizing the potential of every person on their team in order to create a strong talent pool, increase professionalism, and increase bottom-line results through leveraging your investment in DPS. They will learn:

SCC is delivered in a high-powered workshop setting. The following provides an overview of the content and skills to be learned.

Module One - DPS Mastery

Modeling desired selling behaviors is a key component of leading sales teams to upgrade their selling behaviors. This module incorporates a review of the major strategies and methodologies that make up DPS and helps prepare leaders/managers to be more effective at observing, giving feedback and coaching.

Module Two - DPS Review and Assessment

The ability to speed an employee’s development from Beginner to Master will have dramatic impact on your team’s productivity and bottom line. Learn about the Performance Continuum as an assessment and developmental planning tool.

Module Three - Feedback and Coaching Strategies

Participants pursue a hands-on approach for guiding employees to greater personal effectiveness. Participants practice effective modeling giving feedback, coaching and introducing reinforcement tactics to fellow participants.

Specific customizations include customized role-plays driven from enterprise examples (these are created prior to the program and attendees are encouraged to bring an example with them to the workshop as well).

Module Four - Reinforcement Strategies

Institutionalizing essential communication and influencing skills is paramount to achieving on-going selling success. This module utilizes a Rep/Manager assessment of functional and interpersonal skills to help determine reinforcement and coaching opportunities. The DPS Management Component, a manager/mentor reinforcement “tool box”, is introduced.

Module Five - Team Results Through Planning

The program is brought to closure through a brief recap of key coaching strategies. Leaders/managers will:

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