Skill Assessment and Performance Diagnostics

Carew International's sales talent assessment and performance management tools powered by Chally®, have proven to be exceptionally beneficial in improving productivity, reducing turnover, developing leadership and creating effective, useful and reliable succession planning.

Comprehensive Database of Sales Performance Research

Using a 30 year database of more than 300,000 sales, management and specialist positions, over half of whose performance has been tracked and extensive criteria-based sales force validity studies, Carew is positioned to help clients increase productivity and profits in ways and to degrees they have never previously seen.

Proprietary Assessment "Expert System"

Extensive data, collected over three decades, has allowed for the creation of the most comprehensive sales talent assessment tool available. This tool is so robust that it reports a wide variety of skills and competencies across multiple sales, management and professional positions. The system is backed by 350 cross industry, independent validity studies, making it truly powerful. The tool goes even further by identifying sales weaknesses and recommending appropriate sales coaching solutions for both individuals as well as their managers. These recommendations are based on proven research that identifies the challenges confronting weak performers, and specifies techniques used by top ten performers to resolve those challenges.

Dramatic, Measurable ROI

Reduce Time and Cost to Hire

Reduce Undesirable Turnover

Sales Talent Assessment, Performance Management Tools and Sales Training for improved sales performance and sales force effectiveness

Beating the "80/20 Rule" for Dramatic Sales Increases

In this example of a 200 person sales force that produces $200 million in sales, we apply the 80/20 rule (which is typical), meaning that the top 20% of the sales force will produce $160 million in sales. The bottom 20% will produce only $6 million in sales.

If we assign or replace the bottom 20% with candidates that just meet or exceed our predictive competency levels for success, sales will increase by a minimum of $30 million and a more probable $70 million.

Accurate Sales Talent Assessment for Selection, Retention and Development

Carew Sales Talent Assessment and Performance Management Tools Are Powered by Chally®.

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