Pathway to Negotiations™ (PTN)

Pathway to Negotiations (PTN) is designed to help sales professionals master negotiation tactics and techniques, and their strategic application to maximize profit without sacrificing customer relationships. Sales professionals leave armed with the insight and methods to avoid profit-draining concessions - even in the face of an increasingly competitive and price sensitive selling environment. Carew's own strategic negotiation training process serves as the foundation for the PTN program.

PTN negotiations training goes beyond academic understanding of negotiation tactics, methods and practices. Participants engage in activities and exercises utilizing the skills, tactics and strategies covered in the workshop, for an energized and memorable experience. The PTN program can be customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

PTN is Carew's most relevant resource for achieving a competitive edge in today's economic reality through the development of advanced negotiation tactics and sales solutions.

PTN Program Overview

Plotting Your Destination

Preparing the Path for Success

Many sales professionals make strategic and often irreversible decisions by assuming that negotiating begins in the final stages of the sales cycle, rather than as part of the ongoing relationship.

Developing Your Solution

A thorough exploration of the customer's needs and wants can often reduce or eliminate the need for negotiation.

Tactical Matters

Navigation Around Minefields

In today's marketplace, customers are understandably willing to go to extreme measures to get the best deal for their organizations. There are a number of tools and tactics utilized by customers to control, coerce, intimidate, and confuse salespeople into making unwarranted concessions.

A View From the Summit

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