Our Training on Your Terms

Carew International is pleased to introduce Carew OnDemand™, our new and upgraded online professional development community. Carew On-Demand™ presents our incomparable training content in a dynamic and interactive online format for skill development and reinforcement where and when it is needed. It's our training, on your terms.

"This new training and reinforcement vehicle is a natural progression for Carew International's professional development offering," states Carew CEO Jeff Seeley. "In developing Carew OnDemand™, we have taken great care to emulate the comprehensive curriculum, business relevance and high level of engagement that are the hallmarks of our instructor-led training programs, while providing the flexibility and convenience unique to online learning."

Robust Content

State-of-the-Art Design

DPS OnDemand™

DPS OnDemand™ is Carew’s new online professional sales training and reinforcement program. This online offering covers key concepts from the Dimensions of Professional Selling instructor-led sales training program, Carew’s most popular development workshop. Using DPS OnDemand™, program participants will review key concepts of DPS sales training, observe these skills in action and then test your own skill and knowledge in virtual sales situations. It’s the best of DPS… in a dynamic and engaging online format!

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Sign up or contact your Carew account representative to learn more about your 14-day free trial of DPS OnDemand™ for up to three members of your organization.

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