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When an organization can successfully change the behavior of its people, then and only then can it change the outcome of its overall performance. Backed by 35 years of performance studies, Carew's sales training and leadership development programs address core competencies in both relational and functional skills at the level necessary to transform attitudes, practices and behavior. Carew's sales training programs will elevate overall sales force effectiveness by improving the sales skills, communication techniques, professional attitudes and sales performance of every person who participates. Read More


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Carew Tapped to Provide Sales Training for National Collegiate Sales Competition

Citing Carew International’s reputation as a leading provider of sales training, and its repeated inclusion among Selling Power magazine’s top sales training companies, Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) announced that Carew will provide the training content and methodology for this year’s Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon® collegiate sales competition.  PSE is the only national, co-educational fraternity for sales and marketing students and …
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Mentoring, Giving Back & Insights from a Legend

One valuable aspect of mentoring is the ability to give back as a mentor – professionally and personally. I was asked to participate in an event to support cancer research, and it provoked some reflection and thought about the importance of mentors. In my life I have had two CEOs and mentors who provided great …
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Sales Presentations Should Be Painless

“The only thing harder than giving a sales presentation is listening to one.”   Anonymous Ouch!  As much as we hate to admit it, this customer sentiment has been earned with decades of long, boring, self-serving sales presentations.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Here are tips for keeping your sales presentation painless: …
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Gaining Access to the Decision Maker

One of the greatest challenges for any sales professional is gaining access to the ultimate decision maker; particularly when we have a contact who engages us in our sales effort, but s/he is not the decision maker. A lack of direct access to the decision maker is frustrating because we have no way of knowing …
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How’s Your Elevator Pitch?

In his recent blog on Inc.com, Geoffrey James shares the essential elements of an effective elevator pitch. His insights are on target, articulate, and worth sharing; but before we launch into James’ wisdom, it is worth examining the definition and purpose of the elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a very brief and concise introduction …
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August 20, 2014

Carew has earned a 4.5 out of 5 overall rating from workshop participants.

As of today, Carew International has earned a running 4.55/5 overall rating from workshop participants.

Carew International was named among the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in 2014 by SellingPower Magazine.


Few training providers recognize the science behind the art of successful selling. The business development tools offered by Carew International yield a deeper impact because our programs go far beyond the transfer of information. Participants acquire new sales skills and communication techniques they can apply immediately. Every graduate leaves with a new understanding of and commitment to the customer relationship.

Whether training for customer service, sales performance, sales management or improved sales force effectiveness, our business development tools address core skill building, strategies for application and guidelines for sustained growth. Facilitated by the finest training consultants in the industry, Carew's interactive training programs are designed to fully engage every participant with real life situations and challenges. Every Carew International workshop is offered as customized training to directly address the unique challenges and goals of each client. As a result, the companies we serve see a significant, immediate and sustained return on their investment.

Why Invest in Sales Training?

What is the opportunity for growth or improvement in your organization? Your industry? Your career? Carew International provides the highest quality business development tools and programs available for either individual development or company-wide initiatives. Improving individual and bottom line performance is the hallmark of Carew International. Graduates of our development programs become life-long believers in the principles, practices and commitment to the customer relationship that define our seminars. In fact, the Carew experience has often been described as "life-changing."